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Our Philospohy

The result of true karate is natural, effortless action, and the confidence, humility, openness and peace only possible through perfect unity of mind and body. This is the core teaching of Zen, the basis of Bushido, and our philosophy.


Karate is not a game of points, weight classes or showy demonstrations. It is a martial art and way of life that trains a practitioner to be peaceful.Aaron Smith

Our Results in Numbers

A 1985 study found that children in martial arts have an increased sense of responsibili-
ty, and a higher sense of self-esteem.

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Our Instructors

Helio Greca

Helio Greca

Instructor Chefe, Fundador Rakan Kenpo Dojo

Sensei Helio Greca conta com mais de 20 anos dedicados a transmitir a arte do Kenpo Karate.

Rich Hale

Rich Hale

Fundador Ohana Kenpo Karate Association

Sr. Rich Hale foi aluno direto do Grão Mestre Ed Parker e é fundador da Ohana Kenpo Karate Association.

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